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Euro International School : The Best CBSE school in Sikar

Choosing the right school for your child is very important. The schooling years shape the personality and lay the foundation for the future years. Sikar has become the education hub of India over the last 10 years. Euro International School has been a pioneer in school education over last 15 years. It has been deemed the best CBSE school in Sikar. We provide a  learning environment that inspires students to become lifelong learners and responsible global citizens. We strive to foster a sense of community, promote academic excellence, and instill values of respect, kindness, and empathy in all of our students. Since inception, we have had the motive to bring the best of world’s education for students in Sikar.

With our innovative approach, we prepare students for success in the real world and inspire them to pursue their passions. Our teachers pay undivided attention on personally addressing the issues of the students. Our care and concern for every child’s growth and well being has made us one of the top 10 schools in Sikar. At Euro International School in Sikar, we want our kids to become the leaders of tomorrow and for that we start early. Skills like communication, working with groups, leading projects are taught from the primary classes. This empower the students when they go out in the real world, they can easily accommodate to the fast changing world.

Academics – Our Strong Feat

Our students have always set the bar high in academics. The year on year results have been over the board. Our students have scored amazingly well in the CBSE boards examination. In the CBSE class 10th board examination 2023, our student Bhumi Modi scored a whopping 99% creating history. Students of Euro International School outperformed all the previous batches with 9 students scoring more than 95% and 28 students scoring more than 90%. These were the highest scores among the top 10 schools in Sikar. Our students have not only excelled in board examination but have achieved excellence in exams like NTSE, SOF Olympiad and various other national level competitions. Our teachers work tirelessly with students to give proper understanding of the concepts. This allows them to use their knowledge to practical use and not just

Centre For All Round Development

Along with academic, the reason we are the best CBSE school in Sikar is our attention to overall development of the child. From sports, dance, music, coding to robotics and AI, our students get every extra-curricular opportunity to explore their interest and hobbies. Our school is equipped with world class infrastructure and instructors that work day in and out for the kids. We wish to make our students ready for the world while upholding their Indian values and culture close to their heart. Among all the top 10 schools in Sikar, we are the first one to introduce coding and entrepreneurship into our curriculum. We have a highly equipped sports complex and experienced sports teachers. This allows our students to get opportunities to participate in national level competitions which gives them exposure.

Why Choose Us for Your Kids?

Euro International School believes in unlocking the hidden potential of students by providing them with practical and creative skills. Our curriculum emphasizes a diverse range of abilities. From problem-solving and critical thinking to technical and artistic expertise, we try to cover all aspects of skill development. We provide high-quality student leadership opportunities including exposure to leaders, innovators and iconic personalities from all walks of life. Our teachers are not only educators but act as facilitators. They are expert in providing guidance and support while allowing students to take ownership of their learning. We believe in creating an environment that is conducive to active learning and participation. Our schools is considered one of the best CBSE school in Sikar for its all rounded curriculum.

We provide an integrated curriculum from Play Group to Grade 12 ensuring an enriching and smooth transition. We strongly believe that the importance of education in the life of an individual cannot be overstated. It shapes individuals in their formative years and imbues them with values that would govern all their choices in life. If your are looking at the top 10 schools in Sikar, you will find us right at the beginning. So, don’t wait and plan a visit today. You can explore more about the school here.

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