Education is an ever evolving process. There is no one thumb rule that works for everyone. With the fast changing world, the education system has been rapidly transforming. The technological advancements has made it necessary for schools to evolve and change their curriculum.With this in mind, we have have developed our infrastructure, modified the curriculum and trained our teachers to become the first ever futuristic school in Sikar. The methods opted for education have been made more exciting, sensible, and productive. This approach makes the students learn at the global level. It also prepares students for the future, creating an environment for them to handle future challenges and a globalized world.

What is a futuristic school?

A futuristic school prepares the students for their future. Apart from imparting knowledge, it empowers them with skills. These skills also help them understand the practical aspects of the subjects taught to them. A futuristic school always puts its students’ development before their grades. The students are allowed to work on their strengths while slowly coping with the difficult subjects, These schools follow a centralized approach to teaching that will provide benefits to the students at higher levels. In a futuristic school, each student has his/her individuality and understanding. Therefore, teachers adopt flexible methods of teaching and learning. So that the students learn and memorize the concepts at their own pace. They also ensure to provide their students with quality education and life-leading skills. Every futuristic school focuses on the skill development that helps the students in leading a successful future. Making a futuristic school in Sikar had its own benefits for the kids but it also introduced the parents to a new and global concept.

At the heart of this futuristic school lies the integration of ancient wisdom, passed down through countless generations. By encouraging students to perceive the world through a lens of interconnections, they learn that their actions have a profound ripple effect on the planet and all its inhabitants. Every sikar academy should impart this knowledge of how we human beings can connect to our roots and always take them forward as we grown financially as well as socially.

How Parents collaborate in a futuristic school?

Parents being the first educators of a child, play a very important role throughout their educational journey. Therefore it is important for every parent to understand their role in a futuristic school. The way you communicate with the school and the child changes completely when your kids is enrolled in a futuristic school. If a sikar academy wants to adopt into a school of future, it must also enable the parents to adopt to this new method of education. If the parents are not aligned with the vision of these schools, the child’s education hampers and they do not benefit entirely from the concept of a futuristic school. It is important for parents to understand the concept of a futuristic school and be onboard completely. As the involvement of parents in a student’s education increases many fold in a futuristic school, parents must ready themselves to give more time. Any futuristic school will communicate at regular intervals and provide tools for parents to involve themselves in their kids life.

At Euro International School, we take active steps to communicate with kids’ parents to keep them updated. We hold various meets where we not only discuss child’s academic growth but also discuss their emotional behaviours. We provide tools like one on one counselling sessions with parents and kids to actively work on the parent child relationship.  Both the child and the parent are made comfortable with the teaching methods and get the most out of our curriculum.


How did Euro International School in Sikar becomes a Futuristic School?

Euro International School since its inception in 2002 have been evolving its curriculum and adapting to modern and global education. In our process to introduce the first futuristic school in Sikarwe have set a few standards to follow. Below are the few steps that we have taken in order to create a futuristic school. When you read about these features, you will realise that the Euro International School sikar fees is very reasonable. Read more below to understand more about our approach and features.

    • Holistic Curriculum

      We have designed our curriculum in a way where we incorporate different aspects of growth for our students. It is not only academic but also has ample space for sports and other extra curricular activities. We try to find equal opportunities for our kids to excel in every field. Our curriculum enables the students to explore different disciplines and give them the freedom to work on them.

    • Experienced & Attentive Teachers

      The USP of our school in Sikar are our teachers. These experienced and highly qualified educators create an environment of growth and learning in every session.They give freedom to the students to opt for the methods of teaching. Our teachers follow the ways of personalised teaching giving ample attention to each student. They attend regular training sessions at esteemed institutes like IITs and IIMs to grow themselves and learn new ways of teaching.

    • Modern Infrastructure

      We have created our school in such a way that it incorporates all the features of a futuristic school. From our advanced and well-equipped computer labs to the 21st century recreational hall, we have it all. The centrally air conditioned classes with smart classes allow the kids to understand the concepts with the help of animation. Our rich libraries allow the students to delve deeper into their areas of interest where they can find resources on almost any subject. Our infra is one of the best among every school in Sikar.

    • Embracing Ancient Wisdom

      Ancient wisdom transcends mere intellectual knowledge; it involves forging emotional connections with our ancestors and tapping into the collective wisdom of humanity. Understanding our place in the universe and our interconnections with all living beings becomes a central pillar of this futuristic school. Any sikar academy willing to become a futuristic school must also find ways to incorporate ways to connect its students to their root and their surroundings.

    • Valuing Emotional Quotient

      A futuristic school is not solely defined by its curriculum; it is characterized by the emotional connections students form with their teachers, peers, and the wider community. Teachers would take on the role of mentors and guides, supporting students in discovering their unique strengths and passions. Collaborative projects would foster effective communication and teamwork among classmates.

    • Working on Mental Wellbeing

      We as an institute value our students’ well being, not only physical but also mental. Therefore, we have introduced the Happiness Programme where we teach our students tools and methods to stay happy. Euro International School sikar fees structure also accommodates the counsellors fee in it and doesn’t charge extra for these services. Our professionals help the kids understand their issues and work with them to resolve them. We provide our students with one on one counselling where they have a safe space to talk and discuss about these topics.

Why should you choose a futuristic school for your child?

In this fast changing world, overpowered by technology, it is very important to adopt to the newer ways of education. As parents, it is our responsibility to choose the right path for our kids in the formative years to choose the right school. Being the first futuristic school in sikar, we provide the best of education and co-curricular. For any sikar academy that you choose for your child, opting a futuristic curriculum is important. Euro International School not only provides education but also creates an environment for holistic personality development. For more details on Euro international school sikar fees and curriculum, click here. For an overview of the school, head to our facebook link. Choose what is right for your child, today!