The World Education Forum organised in 2015, recognised the importance of leadership education in schools to drive better learning outcomes. With the fast changing world and all the technological advancements happening around, it is important to teach our kids responsibility and accountability. Leadership allows them to think for themselves and develop a strong character. In addition, they can set goals and help others move forward. All of the best schools in Sikar are inculcating leadership skills in their curriculum and preparing the students for a brighter future.

At Euro International School, we strive to foster a sense of community, promote academic excellence, and instil values of respect, kindness, and empathy in all of our students. We design the curriculum in a way that not only focuses on the academics but also all round development of the child. A growing body of research is showing that integrating social skills into school programs for children can set the foundations for a successful career as a manager or leader. It is the next generation that holds the power to change things. Teach your kids to build a better world, be better people, and fix the damage that we have propagated. We also believe that teaching all these skills at a young age gives them an edge in the future. We are one of the very few schools in Sikarwho focus on this aspect of education.

Euro International School provides opportunities to improve communication

What is leadership education?

Leadership is a type of transformational teaching style that focuses on growth and bringing positive changes. It involves transforming the educational system and institutions and guiding students and other stakeholders to achieve their full potential. Educational leadership applies to all levels of academia, including kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and college. CBSE school in Sikar Rajasthan are now adopting these methods to teach their students at a very young age. In leadership education, schools teach students important skills like, sense of responsibility, self efficiency and positive outlook.

In addition to this, they are also taught planning an organisational skills. This skill set helps them become better learners, therefore boost their future success. A combination of building good relationships, communication, thinking of others, and all other abilities allow the student to develop. You want your child to be future-proof, and student-conscious schools. We being one of the best schools in Sikar put special emphasis on developing all these qualities in our children, thus enabling our kids to prepare for the future.

How leadership is taught to young kids?

Children can be taught leadership skills at a young age because their mind is still young, curious and on the lookout for an identity. And we are a CBSE school in Sikar offer them options so they can decide what sort of a person they would like to be. With your guidance they will also learn how to communicate effectively, strategize, handle complicated situations. All of this is part of leadership. The best way to teach your child about leadership is by first telling him why individuality and ethics are important. Forcing rules into him will not be effective at all; he must see the reasons and advantages of being a strong-willed individual. Leaders are the most pro-active people in any group so you must teach him to always take the initiative.

Below are few ways to inculcate leadership skills in the kids:

    • Develop their Cognitive Abilities :

      Cognitive abilities are not limited to academic success. It refers to the natural intelligence of the child. Schoolwork does play an important part of this. However, there are other ways of boosting the cognitive skills of an individual. Introducing them to different perspectives and alternatives will encourage them to make independent decisions. The best schools in Sikar provide opportunities to the students to participate in different co

    • mpetitions which helps them to work on their cognitive skills.
    • Nurture Empathy :

      It is important to teach our kids to understand about the feelings and needs of others. We should teach them empathy at a young age. Empathy is when an individual makes a conscious attempt to truly understand what the other person is going through. Encourage them to be kind, generous and helpful to those around them.

    • Technical Updation :

      In the new digital age, it is of utmost importance that we keep up. Teaching the students skills to keep up with the upcoming technological trends will help them in building their future. Our students receive coding, AI and robotics education in school. We are a CBSE schools in Sikar to provide this as part of our curriculum. 

    • Building Communication :

      Every leader must know to communicate and express themselves. Giving platform to kids at a young age allows them to get over their fears. We at Euro International School Sikar organise many events and programs to give them opportunities to work on their skills.

    • Inculcate perseverance :

      Perseverance is another quality that kids should develop from a young age. Encourage the never-give-up attitude in children. Teaching them to handle failure and keep working on their goals. It is the ability to go on even after receiving setbacks. Teaching kids to break free from their comfort zone will motivate them to take risks, experiment, try new things and be brave in the face of adversity.

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Leaders at EIS

As one of the best schools in Sikar, Euro International School constantly works on the above skills diligently. From providing opportunities like the SOF Olympiad, Macmillan exams, NTSE and many more cognitive development platforms to participating in various extra curricular activities. Most of the schools in Sikar put their primary focus on academics which in turn leaves out a lot of opportunities for the students to explore. At Euro International School Sikar, al our educators are focused on the all round development of the students. Therefore making them future ready. Additionally we also provide our students with space to explore their own interests and skills so that they can become leaders of their own field. As a CBSE school in Sikar, we work on each student individually to make them the leaders of tomorrow. If you wish to enquire more about the school, click here.